Integreat began with a lawyer helping out a friend in the restaurant business. While working at a big accounting firm, Brian began helping a family friend with the financial aspect of his restaurant. While his friend was great at food and customer service, he needed help on the management and business side. Brian was eager to jump in and soon helped to clarify the financial aspects of the business, which helped the cooks account for food costs and the managers account for labor costs.

The system he created helped his friend to drastically reduce waste and increase efficiency, which led to a marked increase in profits. Integreat built on this experience and others all over the Bay Area to help restaurant owners understand and manage legal, HR, accounting and employment issues.




Brian is a lawyer who graduated Magna Cum Laude from Santa Clara University School of Law. He previously worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers in the tax department. Brian started his law firm in 2010, where he protects the interests of small business people in the areas of Tax, Employment Law, Corporation/ LLC Formation, and Rental Agreement / Landlord-Tenant issues. He has done financial advising and advocating for his restaurant clients since 2009. In that capacity he has served as an expert witness in a Santa Clara County Superior Court jury trial as an expert on restaurant finances. Brian loves spending time with his wife and two daughters, watching the Giants and playing softball.



Ben’s passion is helping people achieve their goals, no matter what obstacles are in the way. His expertise is in performance improvement through optimizing systems and individual business practices. His method for client success starts with people first. By careful listening and thorough planning, Ben delivers performance and growth by putting collaboration right in the center. For the past 15 years Ben has worked in management for both nonprofit and for-profit corporations. With his skills in problem solving, systems thinking and people development, restaurants owners are achieving their goals and attracting and retaining their best employees. In his spare time, Ben loves spending time with friends and family at a slow pace, fishing and traveling to Lake Tahoe. He and his wife grew up in the Bay Area and now have two lovely daughters.



Erin graduated Suma Cum Lade from Santa Clara University School of Law in 2009, where she also met her husband, Brian Skarbek. Erin has years of experience advising, counseling and defending employers with their employment-related questions and disputes. Her experience equips her to spot issues before they arise, allowing her to advise and work with the employer to achieve their goals while minimizing any potential liability down the road. Erin loves listening to all kinds of music, from the Eagles to George Strait. She loves Jesus, her family and has a passion for education for children everywhere. Erin and Brian have two daughters who have taught them in the most real way what it means to love.



KG is a marketing guru. He worked as Creative Director with large global firms such as AMEX, Bristol-Myers, Revlon, Mercedes-Benz and Proctor & Gamble for over 25 years in New York City. KG has also worked with tech firms in Silicon Valley, such as IBM, Hitachi, Intel and PayPal. KG is our in-house brand positioning expert, and he will make your restaurant stand out in a crowd. He will help you build a brand that people want to remember, and have people lining up at your doors. KG is an honorary Italian thanks to his wife of 40 years, and he loves getting creative with his four beautiful daughters. KG also loves all kinds of tacos and anything with Julie Andrews.



Nicole graduated Magna Cum Laude from SJSU in 2014 with a BA in English and a Minor in Political Science. She then worked as a paralegal for 2 years, and later lead in operations and execution of nonprofit events, hosting 400 participants. She enjoys tackling the challenging cases of bookkeeping, where she is expected to locate and correct errors. She has been working with the Integreat team since June 2014. Nicole is an aspiring teacher and hopes to one day get a Ph.D and teach at a university. She enjoys rock music and oldies, and plans to visit Greece. She most admires her parents who immigrated to the US, and she has an older brother and a younger sister.



Brolin is currently studying finance at the California State University Stanislaus. Throughout his professional career he has obtained great skill in communication. Managing money has always been one of his great attributes in his professional and personal life. His skills allow him to be a great consultant for those seeking to reduce costs, acquire customers, and manage employees. Brolin loves the outdoors and being in nature. He wants to travel all over the world and explore unknown places. God and his family are most important to Brolin. He has lived in Iran, Austria and now the U.S., and has learned to speak Assyrian, Farsi, Armenian and German in addition to English.